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Work and School From Resort Trend Is The New Normal.

Have you started Working or Schooling from Home yet? It’s time to adapt with the new normal and get on with our tasks while taking precautions and safety measures.

At times, Working and Schooling from home on a daily basis can become a lethal and boring routine.

Why not make the best out of our time in hand?

Going on Workations would be an amazing idea to make working and schooling a fun experience.

Remote destinations like Guhagar in Konkan is the safest place for a workacation or a short holiday. Shantai Resort is one of the Best Resorts In Guhaghar and is known for its luxe amenities and the fastest internet and unlimited WIFI services. Let’s read more about The Work & School From Resort Trend that is taking over the web rapidly.

Work With Comfort & Luxury At Shantai Resorts

With no signs of offices or schools reopening anytime soon, Work & School from resorts has now become the new trend. Every other activity like gymming, counselling and teaching are now done online. This is the best opportunity to work while on a vacation!

Transform your working days into a fairytale experience at Shantai Resorts, the best family resort in Guhaghar. Experience the luxury of attending zoom calls and meetings on a smart tv with high speed internet and WIFI services. Exercise with the fam, and let your children have the time of their lives by schooling from a resort. Shantai Resorts has luxury duplex rooms, cottages with a terrace, family cottages and much more to offer which makes it the best resort in the Konkan Region. Who could imagine that working could get so much more fun during these situations!

Workation Amidst Mesmerizing Nature

Surrounded by dense forests, flora and beautiful beaches, Shantai Resorts is the best place for a workation in Guhaghar. What’s best? The resort is located adjacent to a beautiful lake and is just 5 kilometers away from the beach. We have you covered in case you have a hectic zoom meeting or need a short break from online classes. From being the perfect place for destination weddings in Guhaghar, we have now made it to be the ideal place for workations too!

Each room and cottage at Shantai is designed in a distinct konkani style along with the best amenities like high speed internet & unlimited WIFI services, an in-room coffee machine, wood-carved furniture, ensuite bathrooms, smart tv and many more.

Lake View Zoom Meetings

Thinking about the tedious, weary zoom meetings, long online school classes and never ending assignments? Workations have come to the rescue!

Enjoy your zoom meetings in a magnificent and pure surrounding with a gorgeous lake view.

The sweet smell of the flowers and melodious chirping of the birds promise to make your workation days a complete bliss.

It’s time to transform your days of working and schooling from home into royal, pure and fun workation trips. Why leave work piling up like mountains to go on a short trip while you can work amidst the gorgeous mountains and lush green valleys? Plan your Work from resort trip at Shantai, the best resort in Guhaghar today!


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